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Delivering qualified clients to verticals that are growing their business.

Web, Phone, Email, Social, CRM (and more) Hosting.Your business is more than a website. We’ve identified all the industry leading open-source services and expose these services to you in an easy to use web interface. Manage and interact with clients, expand your reach and enter the market with all the tools large firms have at their disposal Intelligent Client Interactions.
Our simple, intuitive workflow tools track clients from initial contact to case closed. We connect all touch points – phone, web, text and direct mail, so you can measure your marketing investments and know how you get clients, not leads. Your clients will appreciate the emails updating them on their case.
Receive More Qualified Clients.
Our turn-key marketing programs are customized to drive clients to you. But, neither of us can win on leads alone. Our marketing model is based on helping you acquire clients that match your firms competencies, not on simply giving you a handful of leads.
We are the rare breed that allows you to measure successes and failures. Track your costs with an easy to use interface. Invest in

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Our Partner Model

You have visibility into our market model. You choose the programs that add value and may discontinue those that don’t produce results.

Our Dedicated Focus

Open Market Stack builds and manages public awareness campaigns for lawyers who specialize in traffic-related offenses, DWI, criminal law and personal injury. Our easy-to-use workflow tools focus on geo-lead generation, client acquisition and internal client tracking. We help you optimize your marketing and manage leads from contact to close — enabling you to make smarter decisions about your business.