North Carolina has strict and complicated laws around separation and divorce. Even before you talk with your spouse, it can be important to meet with an attorney to understand the process and realize that steps taken – or not – can impact your final outcome.Divorce_Woman_HeadDown_small

Counseling and mediation, while not required, are often helpful before and during a divorce. Many attorneys recommend this approach, and Grey Powell, as a certified mediator, agrees this can be an important step.

Based on his experience with divorce and family law, Grey added collaborative divorce as an alternative to traditional proceedings.  A collaborative divorce allows the parties, as opposed to a judge, to make the decisions about what is best for them and their family.

Information on our website insight into commonly asked questions about divorce and steps that can make this transition easier for you and your family. This information, however, doesn’t replace a consultation to discuss your personal situation. Grey Powell Law offers an initial divorce consultation.  Contact us today to discuss your options.