Speeding in a School Zone

Speeding in a school zone is a serious offense. Limits are lowered to protect school age children as they walk across streets and travel on buses. Communities may lower speed limits to 20 miles per hour and must post adequate, visual signs of the school zone, its hours and the speed within it.

Throughout North Carolina, judges are extremely strict with speeding violations in school zones, for obvious safety reasons. Keeping school children safe is a top priority. If found guilty of speeding in a school zone in North Carolina, you will see points added to both your driving record and your insurance.

Speeding in a school zone is one type of ticket that is not eligible for the Safe Driver Incentive Plan, which can prevent an increase in insurance premiums. Contact Grey Powell Law to help you with this type of ticket. We may be able to keep your insurance points from going through the roof.

Traffic Ticket Results can help you find an attorney with experience in assisting drivers with this type of ticket.

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