Personal Injury

In its most simple form, a personal injury is when you suffer an injury due to someone else’s action, whether accidental or intentional. This type of injury, however, can be life changing. It can ruin your physical and emotional health – and be disruptive to your entire family. You can also be left with the substantial financial impact of medical bills and lost wages. You could have continued pain, suffering and even permanent disabilities.

Traffic_Crash_PersonalInjury_smallCar accidents are a primary source of personal injuries in North Carolina, but injuries can range from a collision to a fall to a dog bite. In North Carolina, an injured person must prove that they did not contribute to the negligence that led to the injury. In fact, if an insurance company can prove that you – in any way – contributed to the accident, you may have to completely forfeit any compensation for your sustained injuries.

Personal injury law can be complicated and time consuming. The experienced attorneys at Grey Powell Law could help save your family time, money and emotional heart ache.