Speeding is the most common – and most cited – traffic violation in North Carolina. During the state’s 2013 “No Need 2 Speed” safety program, more than 14,500 speeding tickets were given during one week alone. Penalties for speeding vary based on the infraction, but all include fines and can lead increased insurance costs, points of your driving record and the possible suspension of your license. While some violations may be resolved by paying a fine an appearing in court, many are not that simple. In fact, paying your assigned fine is an automatic admission of guilt and can have immediate impacts on insurance premiums. North Carolina has serious penalties for speeding. Contact Grey Powell to help you understand your violation, the associated consequences and your rights and obligations. Learn more

  • DWI – DUI
  • Speeding in a school zone
  • 15 mph over the posted speed
  • Multiple speeding tickets with the past 12 months
  • Driving school
  • Prayer for judgment